City, Suburb, Countryside September 10, 2015

Do you like living in a city, suburb, or the countryside? Why or why not?  Federica, who came from Messina, Sicily, shared her thoughts on this topic.  (Her ESL teacher had checked her spelling, grammar, and punctuation and offered corrections with light editing):

I like in a small town in the South of Italy.  Sometimes I think that is perfect for me.  I know all of my neighbors; the stores are [very] close to my house; there isn’t [much] traffic; and there is a great sense of community.  But often I have thought that it is so boring because nothing happens.  Maybe this is the reason [for me] to move myself [interesting expression!] from a small town to a metropolis like New York.  I like meeting different people from many countries and [hearing] different languages.


I love the architecture of [New York City].  It isn’t clean [the author’s opinion!], I know, and it is noisy, but it is called “the city that never [sleeps]” for this reason!  I love walking in the street and raising my eyes to the sky to see the tall buildings.  It offers something new to do at all hours.  It’s so big, but there is a lot of public transportation to move [around] every part of the city.  It is [sometimes] not safe, especially in [certain] areas.  All big cities have [positive and negative aspects]; you have to take the best things!  At this time, I prefer to live in a big city.  Maybe, when I am old and tired, I will move to an isolated and quiet place like the countryside!

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