If you are about to start learning English at the New York English Academy, it means you probably have already arrived in New York City. You must be excited about exploring Manhattan, seeing the sights, going out, making friends, and meeting your fellow students and teachers.

Make Friends with English

The first couple of weeks or even months while learning English will certainly be a tough balance between exploring New York’s amazing social scenes and studying. This is why it is so important to try and mix the two whenever you have the opportunity. Below is a list of suggestions to help you explore the city and learn English at the same time.

Learn English in Public Places

Make Use of Public Spaces

If you are going to class, you may have some homework. However, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all day locked up in your room studying. Try to make use of New York’s many parks and public spaces by using them as a place to do your homework. Central Park is an ideal place to relax, take a walk, and get some work done all in one afternoon. Battery Park, which is located near the school’s new headquarters, is another alternative where you can relax and enjoy the amazing scenery during study breaks.

If you prefer to work in silence, libraries are an ideal place and what better place then the historic New York Public Library. Cafe’s and terraces also offer a great place to mingle, sip on a delicious drink, and do your homework while experiencing the city’s cultural and social atmosphere.

Make Good Use of Your Time

Don’t miss the opportunity to study while travelling to class. Whether you use a car, a cab, a bus, or the subway, there is always enough time to quiz yourself on the previous day’s material. A more passive study method is to listen to English music or download an English podcast for your daily commute.

Study English in Your Free Time


Make Friends Using English

Take advantage of the fact that you are a student in the greatest city in the world and go out and mingle. It’s very important to practice what you learn in class. This means that making friends isn’t just good for the soul but also a way to use what you learn.

Try mingling with other foreign students, joining online communities that have weekly or monthly meets, or simply go out for a drink with some classmates. If you make friends with native English speakers, all the better; then you can try to replicate their speech patterns or even ask them to let you know when you are saying something wrong.

Just always remember that there are so many ways to study English so don’t limit yourself to only one method or location; you will only make learning the language boring. Variety is the the spice of life!