Now that the hustle and bustle is over from Christmas, Hannukah, and the New Year, you might be looking for something to do in January in New York City. Fret not, because there is PLENTY! If your New Year’s resolution is to get out more and not waste your winter months hibernating, here are just a few ideas that I’ve gathered to keep you active, even in one of the most blustery months of the year. Plus, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, perfecting your English is only going to get easier if you interact with others outside of the classroom. This is the perfect time to meet new people and commiserate about the cold weather, the shorter days, or even the post-Christmas slump. Everyone is in agreement when it comes to those topics, so what better way to engage with others? You never know—you may even make new friends this way AND perfect your English speaking skills! Who knew New York City could be so educational?

  1. Restaurant Week: January 22nd – February 9th, 2018; multiple NYC locations

This is one of my favorite times of the year in New York City. You probably know by now that I’m very mindful of my money and spending, and it’s also no secret that the Big Apple can be pretty expensive. Eating out can be a luxury at times, and trying out new restaurants is an experiment in budgeting. Too often, I simply have to turn down a dinner party invite if a restaurant is too expensive for my window of spending; but during Restaurant Week, I can finally try out all those locations that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Select eateries throughout the city (over 300!) participate in this, in which they offer a prix-fixe menu including 3 courses with a discounted price. This way, people like me—people on a budget—can try out the food that makes their restaurant so highly regarded. Check out the lineup, and you’ll be sure to find a spot you’ve been dying to try! Just some advice: make a reservation and arrive on time (or even early), as this timing is VERY popular, and you don’t want to lose your table! You’ll be exposed to unique menu items, and given the packed locations, you’ll be mingling with many people, so this is a great way to incorporate your written AND spoken English—you’re always learning in NYC!

  1. Winter Jam in Central Park; January 28, 2018; 11:00 am – 3:00 pm

If you’re aching for some outdoor snowy activities and don’t have the means to travel to the slopes, look no further than Central Park! On this day only, the Bandshell area of the park is covered in artificial snow so that you can get in some snow time. If you’re brand new to skiing or even if you’re a seasoned snowboarder, this is a great time to check this out! If the slopes aren’t your cup of tea, you can also watch live ice sculpting, catch some ice bowling, and there’s even a market to get some light shopping in! This is a great time to bring friends and do something totally different for the day! Since this is also an activity in which you’ll be interacting with vendors and shopkeepers, you’ll be getting plenty of spoken English practice, and you may even meet some new friends!

  1. Post-Holiday Shopping; all over New York City

You might have noticed that shops and malls were packed throughout December as people did their Christmas and Hannukah shopping. In my experience, I generally try to avoid these areas for practically the whole month since it’s just too crowded for my taste! But come January, the crowds die down a bit, and for me, I feel like I can enjoy shopping again. Plus, I tend to get quite a few gift cards each year for Christmas, so January is a great time to spend them. Additionally, practically all the shopping areas host post-holiday sales that really make you want to take advantage of the great deals. This is a great time to check out the prime shopping areas (think Macy’s and practically anything on 5th Avenue) since the crowds are a bit lighter and the sales just make it worth it. Again, you’ll be interacting with lots of vendors and shop owners, so this is a great opportunity to put your spoken English skills to use.

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