What to say about one of the BEST months of the year (I realize that I probably say that about every month living in New York City) besides IT’S THE BEST?! I love the cooler, crisp air and the coziness that the month promotes. It’s around this time that I pull out my winter clothes, and I always get excited when I see the chunky sweaters and the cozy socks that I completely forgot about over the spring and summer. Nothing’s better!

Since New York City is still trying to figure out navigating during COVID, it can be tricky thinking of things to do in the month of October that will also guarantee that you stay safe and healthy. So I came up with a list of things that you can do that will satisfy both of those requirements. And if you’re trying to put your English skills to use in real life, I made sure to pick out activities where you can utilize those talents outside of the classroom. So pull out your favorite flannel, let’s get to planning your October in New York City!

1. Brooklyn Book Festival, until October 4th

If you’re a big reader like me, then this will be your jam! Come to meet some of your favorite authors, listen in on literary discussions, and even pick up some new reads while you’re there! This event is outside so you can feel safe enough in the time of the pandemic while it’s still comfortable enough to actually be outside. Obviously, if you’re trying to improve your English reading, this is the place for you. With all reading levels welcome, you’re sure to find something worth your time. And if you’re trying to work on your English speaking, then this is also the place – learn new words and phrases from authors all over the world – what better opportunity?!

2. New York Comic Con, October 7 – October 10

Okay, so this is one that I’ll never fully understand, but it’s a HUGE hit with fans of comic books, action movies, and anything that really just has a theme! People from all over the world travel for this extensive event, and almost all come in costume! This year, the event is back after being cancelled last year, so I’d recommend getting your tickets sooner than later if you’re interested – it’s bound to be packed! Bonus: if in-person isn’t your thing yet, they’re also holding a virtual capability as well so you can continue your safe practices. Binge your favorite theme book series or movies before you go so you can get hyped up AND brush off your English speaking skills!

3. Haunting at Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel, Asbury Park, NJ

So OF COURSE I had to include something Halloween-related in this list, and if you’re up for a little bit of travel, this could be 100% worth your time and extra effort. (I didn’t know about this, and even I’m interested in checking this out!) Known for its paranormal activity for over a century, people come to this site for the thrilling experience and to willingly be spooked. Luckily, this location is taking the pandemic incredibly seriously, as they require taking your temperature and that you wear a mask, they have multiple sanitizer locations, and ongoing cleanings. So if this is up your alley, be sure to check this opportunity out, call for ticket availability, and make sure you grab your mask on your way out the door. Be sure you know how to scream for help in English!

October is a month in New York City that is not in shortage of things to do, thanks to the Halloween holiday. In addition to all of the above, you’ll surely be able to find plenty to do in your neighborhood and beyond that can help you celebrate the holiday. Even though Halloween is technically just one day, you’ll find that us New Yorkers really embrace the spooky season, and we’re more than happy to celebrate for practically the entire month of October! And again, because the weather is still so pleasant and inviting, especially with the beautiful colors, you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible – so as always, I encourage you to keep practicing your distancing, always mask up, and be respectful of others and their space. We won’t get out of this until we all continue doing our part. Have fun this month, and I’ll see you in November!

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