Terms and Conditions


Payments made by bank transfer or credit card and must be received in full two weeks prior to the course start date. However, if a student needs an F1visa, the entire program fee must be received in full before entering the United States.

A program booking confirmation will be sent by email after the school receives your fee. The school will not pay bank charges for payment made by bank wire transfer.

Partial payment)

In order to receive an I-20 form for a student visa, $416-434 which covers your registration fee, I-20 processing fee and an International courier fee must be paid. The fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Full payment)

If your visa application is rejected, the school will refund the fees received within 45 days except the registration fee, I-20 processing fee and International courier fee. The school will not reimburse any bank charges.

The school will not be held responsible for decisions taken by US Embassy or immigration officers at the port of entry or any visa regulation changes after starting the registration process.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  • (a) Rejection of an applicant by the school or program cancellation by the school: student will be refunded all money paid
    • If the student does not meet the admission requirements below:
      • (1.) Students are required to take a placement test prior to starting the program
      • (2.) Minimum Age: Sixteen (16) years old.
    • A program could be canceled in the case of:
      • (1.) A natural disaster
      • (2.) War
  • (b) Cancellation by a student within seven days after signing and : No show/student never starts training Student will be refunded all money paid to the school, with the exception of the non-refundable registration fee, as long as he/she has not entered into instruction
  • (c) Withdrawals or termination after the start of class and after the cancellation period

The school shall retain the registration fee plus the cost of any textbooks or ID accepted. The school will calculate the refund amount in accordance with New York State Education law, except in cases where the refund policy of our national accreditor (Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training) is more favorable to the student. In this case the ACCET refund policy will be used instead of New York Education Law.

All refunds will be made within 45 days of cancellation which should be made in writing by filling out the refund form. Although placement assistance service is provided, the school cannot guarantee a job to any student or graduate.