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New York English Academy

High quality English training in the heart of New York’s Financial District.

New York English Academy

Located in the heart of New York City,
we offer one of the most comprehensive English learning programs available.
With a combination of small and intuitive classes, flexible pricing, and weekly excursions in the Big Apple

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Our Courses

We make it a priority to create the best learning conditions for our students. Because large class sizes are not an effective environment for learning, we limit each of our classes to 12 students. By combining small class sizes with a hands-on, personalized learning experience and knowledgeable instructors, we help our students achieve the level of English they are striving for.
Whether your goal is conversational English, passing the TOEFL exam, or preparing to enter the business world, we have a course that can fit your needs.

Standard English Program

Full-time / Part-time including cultural program activities in NYC

Our Standard English Program is available for students who want English language instruction with a focused approach on the four core language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes also provide many conversational activities aimed at strengthening pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.
Furthermore, we offer extracurricular academic activities to engage students in practicing and improving their English skills outside of the regular classroom setting. Activities include trips to museums, “special guest” visits, tours of historical locations, and a thorough exploration of New York.

Program hours:
- Part-time program with a tourist visa or ESTA
14 hours/week

- Full-time programs with a student visa
18 hours/week

Standard English Program

TOEFL iBT Preparation Course

The best location for TOEFL iBT preparation in NYC
The TOEFL iBT Preparation Course is either a 4-week or 8-week course that prepares you for taking the internet-based test (iBT).

The course prepares you for this by first evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and then helping you to master the most important academic skills. This course is designed to review reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills; and throughout the course you will be constantly checking your progress by taking model tests. Finally, the course will help you improve your English proficiency by reviewing important language problems and identifying and applying strategies that will help you to overcome these problems.

Program hours:
- Part-time program with a tourist visa or ESTA : 16 hours/week

- Full-time programs with a student visa : 18 hours/week

TOEFL iBT Preparation Course

Business English / Elective programs

- Business English
- Conversation and Pronunciation
- Idioms and Slang

These courses will give students a chance to focus on developing their skills in specific areas of English. Whether you already work in the business world and just need some extra practice, or you if have never even heard of a cover letter, the NYEA Business English and Elective programs can help you navigate the high paced world of business in the world’s financial capital.

Business English : Starting from October 22- 4 weeks completion.
- 30hours/week for Full-time student

Business English / Elective programs

American TESOL

The New York English Academy TESOL program is inspired by the most renowned TESOL programs in the world, such as the Cambridge University CELTA and the Trinity College TESOL certificate. What will make NYEA’s TESOL program unique is that it is focused on American English -- a recognition of the distinct cultural and linguistic character of a language built over centuries by an international community of immigrants. NYEA’s TESOL program will show teachers how to teach The American Language.

4 weeks TESOL in Summer :
- 32 hours/week for Full-time student (F1 visa)

American TESOL

Arrange your own program!

Students in our Standard English Program can add these courses in order to get extra practice in a particular area of English. Or a student who wants a more casual, less demanding schedule might choose to take just an elective or two alone.

Standard English Program + Conversation : 22hours/week

Standard English class : Monday to Thursday 10:00-13:30. Friday 10:00-14:00

Conversation class: Monday to Thursday: 14:00-16:00

School Activities

We believe the best way to practice English is in the real world, and what better way to do that than speaking English while checking out some of the amazing places around New York City. That is why every Friday we teach through exploration. We visit famous landmarks, tourist destinations, and local hangouts. By getting out of the classroom, meeting with locals, and using the language, we believe our students gain valuable knowledge about America’s culture and the English language.


We know that finding a place to live comfortably while studying a foreign language is very important. That is why we have partnered with some of the best housing accommodations that New York City has to offer. We will help you with all the important steps as well as make sure everything is in order before you arrive.
Being rested and relaxed is one of the best ways to learn and we’re here to help.

Student voices

I recommend the school to anyone who wants to improve his English surrounded by the magic of New York City.

Amelia Salinas-Martin  - February 2018
Class : TOEFL

My experience at the school has been very positive. Since I started teachers and staff made me feel part of the family. I feel like I improved a lot at every single one of my skills (I'm completely ready for my TOEFL exam!) and now, with Micheal's help, I am working on the little details. I'm more than delighted! I recommend the school to anyone who wants to improve his English surrounded by the magic of New York City.

I liked the business class very much! That was amazing! Because of the small class size we could express our individual wishes for what we wanted to learn.

Marco Saraiva  - August 2017
Class : Business English

The best way to improve your English skills is to study in an English speaking country!That’s why I decided to find a language school in the U.S. to improve my English. I am a German/Portuguese citizen and I work for an insurance company in Germany. I studied Business Administration.

I am very happy with my choice and thank NYEA for this unforgettable experience.

Tansu Sevilmis  - August 2017
Class : Standard English Part-time

When I first entered the class I immediately a good impression and I felt comfortable. During the lessons nothing is wrong and you can ask anything you do not understand. Teachers take all the time to explain everything until you understand. The atmosphere of the school is very nice, you meet new people and everyone is very good with each other. During my course, I have learned to get to know a lot of nice new people. I am very happy with my choice and thank NYEA for this unforgettable experience. I appreciate it very much.

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Submit the school all required documents.
Make a payment for your program fee.

Without an I-20 form
(ESTA/a tourist visa)

Submit the school your enrollment agreement form.
Make a payment for your program fee.
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