Winter Warmth at PC TECH January 4, 2013

The new year has gotten underway and winter is growing colder, but students have a warm place at PC TECH to improve their English skills and make new friends.

Our Level 1 class has been discussing the theme of family: large and small families, the advantages and disadvantages of being an only child, a family with septuplets.  With added vocabulary they are creating sentences with “will” and “be going to”, which many American English speakers pronounce as “gonna.”

In Level 2, travel and vacations formed the topic of conversation this week.  New vocabulary about weather and climate change was introduced.  Students will prepare to write a dialogue between two people who are planning a trip.

New York City has a number of “urban homesteaders”, people who take up a simple lifestyle in inner-city neighborhoods.  Level 3 students compare this way of life to their own manner of living, increasing their lifestyle vocabulary.

In many American families, the sit-down meal has become an event of the past, while in many other cultures, there remains the tradition of having the main meal of the day with all the family members present.  Conversation and writing in Level 4 contrasts these two very different practices.

PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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