What’s Ahead? December 18, 2013

Our PC TECH students have been steadily improving their writing skills.  It seems that when you can write a language, you have a good grasp on its basics.

Souleymane from Burkina Faso takes a look at the past and projects twenty years into the future:

Our world many years ago was very different from now.  People didn’t use instruments like credit cards, elevators, cable [TV], etc.

Nowadays, science and technology advance the world.  How will the world be twenty years into the future?

[In my opinion], many things will change.  We’ll be able, for example, to drive cars, buses, and trains under the oceans, and also fly with them like planes.

Twenty years into the future, people will speak the [fewer different] languages because many languages are going to disappear.

In the future, our world will live as one – as a village!

Yuki from Japan writes of his personal vision for the future:

…I hope I will have gotten married and I will have two dogs: a dachshund and a Labrador retriever – but I can’t walk around with dogs!  [Yuki doesn’t tell us his reason.]

I think I can make enough money twenty years from now to go abroad with my mom, but I don’t know what kind of job I will [have].

I hope I will have a good [life] twenty years [from now].

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