This Week at PC TECH January 11, 2013

The New York Public Library is located on Fifth Avenue, only a short walk up 42nd Street from PC TECH.

From time to time we visit this beautiful building on our class field trips because there are a number of interesting exhibitions there to be enjoyed throughout the year.  Students are reminded that they can read, study, and use the free WiFi after class every day until 6:00 PM and also on weekends.

Of course, a library is not an appropriate place to practice conversation!


Students in the Level 5 class were recently discussing the movie “Forks over Knives” with its theme of healthy eating: all “vegan” and no animal-based and processed foods.  This led to a lively conversation about the effects on health of certain restricted diets in contrast to the adventure and enjoyment to be found in sampling a wide variety of foods from many cultures.

Many American English speakers pronounce certain modal verbs in a manner that can confuse visitors to the United States; for example, “hafta” for have to, “oughta” for ought to, “should” for should have.”  These and similar expressions are practiced in PC TECH classes so that English learners might be able to listen in on a subway conversation or know what is going on in a TV show or movie.

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