This spring I hope to walk in Central Park and visit the Museum of Natural History. Then, I want to return to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden because in the winter there aren’t many flowers… I can’t wait because I love natural places, they are very colorful and I feel so good and relaxed in [them]. – Martina, Italy

This spring, I will stay in New York City and I think I will enjoy a lot here. First, I will go to central park with my friends. We are able to see beautiful scenery and cute animals, such as squirrels. And then we can go to some famous museum. For example, we can go to Metropolitan museum, which is known by most people all over the world. – Sunny, China

I will continue studying English to improve it and be able to enter university. I will also take advantage of the weather, to enjoy the beautiful scenery that surrounds me here in New York. – Alejandro, Colombia

I’m looking forward to going on picnics in Bryant Park with some food and drinks. And I want to see cherry blossoms in America. I see cherry blossoms in Korea every spring but I haven’t seen that in America. If I go to see them, I’ll take a picture. Also in spring, I’ll just walk down the street and parks because I like walking but winter is too cold to walk. – Soobin, South Korea


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