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Why did you decide to study English in New York City?

For me, as I consider myself a dreamer… I decided to come to New York City, the city of dreams, to feel the taste of living inside the dream itself. That sounds weird, travelling half the world just to live inside a dream, maybe, what do you expect from a dreamer? I will never forget my first day in NYC when I was WARMLY welcomed by “Snowzilla Storm” and I was trapped for ten days in my hotel’s room. What a start of living the dream! When the sun rose again, I started my first steps to the outside world… I felt the feeling of Tom Hanks when he had his first steps outside JFK, walking to NYC streets in “The Terminal” movie… For me, with each step forward, I realized that it is a city of endless activities, diversity, energy, inspiration, convenience, excitement and landmarks. There is no other city like it in the whole world. I really enjoy my time in it and I found, myself, all what was said about NYC is true. It is really the city of dreams and please don’t wake me up from this dream… I love NEW YORK CITY.

Why did you choose New York English Academy?
When I decided to improve my English in New York City, I asked my friend “GOOGLE” to find me an excellent school and it came with many titles that made me confused. One of them was NYEA, I felt that there is something special with this name, I didn’t know what it was. I trust my feelings, I always consider myself lucky and I always have what I want…sooner or later…I’m here now at NYEA developing my English in an excellent manner. Everybody here, the managers, teachers, students are very nice, helpful, understanding. I had many lovely friends from all over the world and this gives me the chance to have an idea about different nations’ culture around the world. NYEA is like a fascinating rainbow glowing when the sun rises after raining. Choosing and being in NYEA now confirms how lucky I am.

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