Here are a couple of examples of PC TECH students’ written opinions  about video games. 

Wara from Thailand:

If you play for two or three hours, you’ll be all right.  If you play eight hours a day, you have a problem.  As far as creativity goes, it really depends on the person.  I love video games, so maybe this makes me a little biased, but I still come up with plenty of my own ideas and stories.  However, there is also a chance that maybe [many] people gravitate towards games because they are more creative.  They are more willing to accept the sometimes odd concepts and intricate story lines of some game.

One of my friend’s hobbies is designing simple little machines to do tasks.  Guess what he does when he’s not designing them?  Playing video games.  Many of his ideas he may base off things he’s seen in games, but in the end they are very much his own ideas.

Kevin from France:

Among entertainment [options in my] life, video games [are some of my favorites].  In fact I like a challenging game with virtual life, or discovering a lot of stuff in a fantasy world.

When people start to discuss video games, the same topic comes up:  Video games make children violent!

Yes, it could be right that sometimes young people become violent [as a result of video games and can become addicted.  But from my point of view, video games are just entertainment.  I don’t need to take them seriously because I have a lot of things [in like that are] important; I know that I get one life to act [out] as a character in video games.

We just need to have self-control with [these] games.

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