Students and our Level 3 teacher, David, left NYEA shortly after 10 am and headed to Fulton Station to catch the 4/5 train and then the 7 train via Flushing, Queens. Once we arrived, we met up with some other students and then proceeded to some of the matches at the practice courts. We watched a female match between a player from China, who eventually won against a player from Romania. Afterwards, we headed back to the main area and were given tips by a juggler who was entertainment people walking by. Some other students decided to check out some of the other matches going on, while the rest of us went to the food court, called Food Village, then went inside some of the local stores such as the US Open’s official sponsor, Polo Ralph Lauren. In addition, we had the pleasure of posing in some of Mercedes Benz’s new vehicles. Afterwards, we took a few more photos of women on stilts and a man on a unicycle before making our way back to the 7 train at Mets-Willets Point.

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