More about Favorite Foods October 30, 2013

PC TECH students have been describing their favorite foods.

Wilson from Colombia has a wide range of tastes:

My favorite food is beef, but I don’t have a problem with pork, chicken, fish with rice, potatoes, and salad.

I also love pasta, [like] spaghetti and lasagna.  Other favorite foods are soups of all kinds, but especially the ajiaca santafereña, a typical soup in my country and in my city, Bogotá.

I see in the United States many varieties of foods, for the multicultural class of citizens who make up this society.  [It is easy to] get street food such as hot dogs, Mexican food, and many varieties of sandwiches; delicious coffee in the morning, accompanied by cheese-and-egg sandwiches; [and] all kinds of burgers.  If the preference is vegetarian, [these foods are] also found on the menus of any restaurant.  [To be honest] when I was young, I did not like vegetables, but now they are [some of] my favorite foods.  The only thing I don’t like is too much spice!

As Wilson indicates, there is a great variety of “street food” available in the USA, especially in its largest city, New York.  In the midtown area where PC TECH is located, there are food “wagons” serving food from many cultures, even though these offerings are not exactly what Mother makes at home.

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