Deciding to take the ESL exams and the necessary learning process is a huge part of learning English. But just making the decision to study hard isn’t enough. A careful student will want to find the school that best suits his or her needs. This means that every student should check to see if a school is compatible with their interests. Things like schedule, the location of the school, the instructors, material and teaching methods should rank pretty high when researching a school.

To save you time we’ve compiled a list with the main focus points any student should look over before choosing the perfect school to learn English in New York.

Personal Goals and Priorities

Before starting your English learning journey, it is important to set some personal goals. Things like what to expect in a given time or how much you hope to advance. It is important to clearly understand what you are trying to achieve so that you can easily measure your success and efficiency by the time you finish your learning cycle. Setting priorities is just as important. Some students want to learn general English while others want to learn things that can help them with their jobs like medical or engineering jargon.

Types of Courses and Classes

This is probably the most important aspect to research before joining a certain school. Depending on your schedule a course has to allow for some flexibility. Some students might have jobs while others would like to cram in as many possible hours into a week. Check that your school of choice has a flexible schedule that can accommodate any type of job situation. PC TECH has an all-encompassing curriculum giving any student the ability to choose the course that best fits his or her schedule.

School Location 

The location of your school is another important aspect you have to take into account. Ideally it should be located close to your place of work or residence, however, an equally good alternative is to choose a school easily accessible by mass transit. PC TECH is located in mid-town Manhattan, a stone’s throw away from Grand Central Terminal, the New York Public Library and Bryant Park. It is easily accessible by subway, bus or cab from just about anywhere in the five boroughs of New York.

Student Body and Instructors

Depending on the goals you set for yourself as well as your personal learning style it is important to get a firm understanding of how the learning process happens at your school of choice and with whom you will be sharing a classroom. Some students prefer larger, more diverse classrooms while others like smaller classrooms where teachers can focus their attention better on each student in particular.

PC TECH prides itself with a diverse student body that hails from all across the globe. The instructors are all native speakers that are passionate about their jobs and strive to constantly improve themselves and their teaching techniques. By focusing on speaking improvements backed up by homework and essays meant to increase vocabulary and correct grammar mistakes, PC TECH teachers try to develop a strong foundation from which each student can grow and surpass their goals.


Of course the perfect ESL school should be one that you can afford so make sure that you cross-reference your goals and schedule with the fee charged for the English course you think best suits your needs. PC TECH offers a wide array of prices and courses that can work for any student from the complete beginner who wants to advance quickly to the advanced student who simply needs to brush up on some aspects before taking an exam.