Favorite Games October 18, 2013

 Here are more examples of PC TECH students’ compositions  about their favorite group games (see the previous blog for another). 

 Wara from Thailand:

I liked “Musical Chairs” when I was a kid…but it can be even more fun [for older people].  You can create a song playlist and have one person control the music’s starting and stopping.  (You can use a different song each time.)  For a “flirty” twist, add a rule that – as long as you’re on a chair with your feet off the ground – when the music stops, you’re safe.  This will encourage a whole lot of lap-sitting?  It’s so funny!  When down to the last two players, the chair may be moved as long as the music has stopped before the chair has been touched.

 Souleymane from Burkina Faso:

There are many games I like to play with my friends, but the best for me is Scrabble.  [It] makes me think and it also helps me learn words.

Playing Scrabble is a good way to learn because it makes us share knowledge with other people.  I can ask about some words written by my partner in order to know their meaning.

Sometimes we use a dictionary to check some words, [to be sure of] their real meaning.

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