Fall in New York City October 22, 2013

Fall is a wonderful time of the year. From the ever changing colors of the leaves, the beautiful weather, to Halloween. There is lots to do in New York City, this fall of 2013.

New York’s Greenwich Halloween parade will take place this year. It has been taking place every Halloween since 1973. Thursday, October 31st, 7pm…start making your costumes! It is one of the most exciting events of the year.

MoMA, which is the Museum of Modern Art will be examining two special artists this season. Mexican painter Diego Rivera being one of them. Most widely known for his amazing murals and marriage to another Mexican artist: Painter Frida Kahlo. This is something definitely worth exploring.

If you haven’t already paid your respects to the 9/11 memorial….it is not too late to do so. Built in honor of the fallen Twin Towers, and those who perished in it. The 9/11 memorial site is also a museum. Visit, and your world’s perspective will be renewed.

Watch the Macy’s Parade balloon’s inflation. Key?: Go the day before the actual parade and witness the balloon airing in person! Watch the gigantic characters come into shape. That’s a pretty unique experience.

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