As part of a recent exam exercise, Julia wrote about the Moscow metro: 

I will tell you about the metro in Moscow.  It is very big and it’s not so easy to use it.  It is very crowded at peak time and there are not many polite people then.  But you need to know the usual rules about how to use it.

You can’t block the doors and you have to give way to elderly people.  If you have to sneeze, don’t blow your nose loudly.  Use a tissue.

Don’t make strong eye contact with people.  Many people in the Moscow metro read books.  Because of that, they don’t look at other passengers too much.

Not so many young people have good manners, but if something looks not so good to you, you can just tell them about it in a polite way.  It’s better for you not to go by metro in peak hours.

Giacomo commented on bus travel in Italy:

In my country, the most common form of transportation is the bus.  It is really simple to take and it is also pretty cheap.

There are some etiquette rules like every form of transportation has.  For example, when you see an elderly person getting on the bus, you should offer your seat.

While the bus driver is driving, it is not polite to speak with him.

Passengers are not allowed to eat on the bus because of the litter.

If you are planning to go to Italy, one thing that you really need to know about the buses is that you have to buy a ticket.  There are ticket agents at almost every stop.

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