English Verbal Phrases January 16, 2013

Verbal phrases are an important addition to a student’s vocabulary.  Do you know how to use call with around, back, off, on, up?

Practice with these examples with call:

We had to call around to find a doctor.  [phoned many people]

Please call me back tomorrow.  [return a phone call]

Why did they call their wedding off?  [canceled]

The teacher called on many students in the class.  [asked for an answer or opinion]

I will call on my friend tomorrow.  [British: visit someone]

I have called her up many times.  [made phone calls]

Cut can be used in many verbal phrases

We have to cut back on all the sugar in our diet.  [consume less]

That old tree has to be cut down before it falls.  [make something fall to the ground]

I was dancing when my friend cut in on me.  [interrupt]

The driver cut in on me as I was trying to make a turn.  [pulled in too closely]

The heater cuts in when it gets too cold in my apartment.  [starts to operate]

You must pay your bill or the phone company will cut your service off.  [stop providing]

They cut the onions up into small pieces.

Come to New York and study English and you will be able to talk and write well using these and many other verbal phrases.

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