English Phrasal Verbs 8 March 5, 2014

This is the eighth in our list of phrasal verb examples that you would learn in our PC TECH classes.  Look through our previous blogs to read more:

“We’re going to have a surprise party for Lisa next Friday.  Don’t give it away!”  [Reveal a secret]

“Go to Times Square this afternoon.  They are giving away theater tickets.”  [Offering something that is free]

“You can give me back my pen tomorrow morning.”  [Return something]

“I give in(Also “I give up.) You win.”  [Surrender]

“Toby gave up cigarettes a year ago.”  [Stopped a habit]

“ He tried to go after the thief who stole his phone.” [Chase]

“ I’m going after a master’s degree.”  [Pursue]


“ Our football team is going against Los Angeles next Sunday.”  [Opposing]

“If you really want to study English in America, go ahead.”  [Begin, start, proceed]

“I am going to go back to my apartment after class”  [Return]

“ Are you going out tonight?”  [Leave one’s home to attend a party or to be with friends]

“George has been going out with Beatrice for a year.” [Dating]

“Let’s go over the grammar lesson again.” [Review]

“We’re going over to Staten Island this afternoon.” [Visit; travel to]

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