English for the Future December 23, 2013

People who want to improve their English school come to PC TECH for almost as many reasons as there are countries in the world.

Souleymane is from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso and writes about his hopes for the future:

[Among the world’s languages], English is the most spoken language worldwide.  It is very important today and [will continue to be so].

Learning English will help me because I will be able to read books written by the great economists.  Then I will improve my training and will try to continue my studies at an English-language university.  Many theories of economics are written in English.

So learning English today will help me realize my dreams for the future.

Kevin has European and African roots and writes about his dreams:

Learning English will be useful for me because, when I go back to France, I will get  more opportunities to have a job with a high salary.  However, I wonder if I should complete my studies in the USA to be sure of doing what I want.

Furthermore, if I start a business in the same way as an American, I could earn a lot of money in France, even in Africa.  In summary, it is not only learning English, there also learning how to be a “capitalist” which is , I think, the best way to succeed in my life.

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