English as a craft October 29, 2013

Learning English doesn’t have to be seen as just a task. It can be both Fun and Adventurous.

You could create a Journal. Write in it whatever you want. Even if you don’t understand English all that well, it’s a fun and productive way to practice. Start one!

— Scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is awesome! Collect some of your favorite pictures and works of art & write about them. Write. Write. Write. Write about your time in New York City….or write about your shoes, but just write.

Fun Games:

Trivia is a wonderful game to play. The game is based on logic, grammar and rhetoric. You’re sure to gain some knowledge. Along with a better understanding of English. 🙂

Scrabble is another cool game. Very insightful in it’s own right. A fun letter game that transforms into words, that will both, test and challenge your English knowledge. Try it!

Learn via online. When browsing the web, you can find lots of interesting things. Here is a link to couple of websites where you can apply your English skills for Free.


PC TECH: English Language School in New York City

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