An Most Unusual Vehicle November 20, 2013

PC TECH student Piya writes about an interesting way of getting around in the cities of Thailand, her native country:

            Taxis, buses, sky-trains, underground trains, mini-vans, motorcycles – and tuk-tuks – are all available in Bangkok.  You will find that traveling around Bangkok on public transportation is easy, cheap, and fun.

The most famous [means of] transportation in Bangkok are the tuk-tuks, a fun form of public transportation.  The tuk-tuk is a little Thai taxi [powered] by a motorcycle engine.  Tuk-tuks tend to be in places frequented by tourists and are quite expensive, which is annoying as they have no air-conditioning.  You also breathe all the pollution while you are riding in a tuk-tuk.  But they are a fun experience and, if you have never ridden in one, you should take at least one while you are in Bangkok.  A drawback again though is that you will get stuck in traffic.  Yet they are slightly faster than taxis and, [since they are] smaller, they can squeeze through [narrow] gaps in the traffic.

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Here is an English grammar hint:

There are a few modal auxiliary verbs that use “to”  (ought to, be supposed to, have (got) to, be able to, used to) as a connector to the main verb:  I have to pay my rent today.

The other modals do not add “to” as a connector to the main verb:  I must pay my rent today.

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