Delicious Writing October 25, 2013

PC TECH students have been writing about their favorite foods.

Takuma from Japan has had a change of taste since his childhood:

Of course my favorite food is Japanese [cuisine] such as simmered seaweed, grilled fish, riceballs…oh, I can’t write everything about my favorite foods!

But my favorite is my mother’s cooking.  She’s such a good cook.  Since I left Japan, I have really missed her cooking.  I really want to tell you about Japanese food because most people think sashimi  is sushi.  Japanese food equals sushi.  I think that’s true.  Sushi is a favorite food of Japan.

Do you know natto?  It’s traditional Japanese soybeans.  When I was a child, I hated it because the taste is so strange and the smell is so bad.  But now it’s [one of my favorite foods].

New York has a lot of Japanese, but they are [mostly] not real.  If you want to try [Japanese food], you should go to Japan.  You would be able to enjoy a different taste and I think it would be a good experience for you.

I love [every kind of food], but I hated mushrooms when I was a child because the texture was so unusual for me.  My mother cooked them well, but I couldn’t eat them.  My mother said, “If you don’t eat it, don’t leave the table!”  I was so scared.

Actually, my hobby is cooking…so now mushrooms are my favorite food!

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