From Sochi to New Jersey August 15, 2014

PC TECH staff member Tamila compares her life in Russia with her current residence in New Jersey:

I never thought that one day I would leave beautiful and never-sleeping Sochi for a quiet life in suburban New Jersey. However, that day came.

I was driving from JFK airport to New Jersey.  As for any person who leaves a big city, it was very difficult for me to adjust to this suburban life.  However, almost five years have passed now, and I find Fair Lawn, my new hometown, the place that I never want to leave.

My parents had moved to Sochi long before I was born.  They held jobs in the city, so they never planned to move anywhere else.. Life in Sochi is a life of never-ending noise, hurrying people, and endless traffic.  Despite all that, it opens a huge opportunity for entertainment: theatres, museums, shopping centers, etc.  Comfortable transportation, such as the subway, takes you to any point in the city. My parents and I loved the rhythm of Sochi and appreciated all the opportunities that it presented.  I could study at the most prestigious universities and schools without leaving my family.  And I really enjoyed being at concerts of the most famous celebrities, because they all visited the city.

However, like most people in Sochi, my family and I felt unsecure because of different crimes that happened every day.  If I was out of the house, I had to call my parents every hour and always come home before ten o’clock.  As for the people, they are not so friendly and open. Life in a big city has each person separated rather than as a part of a friendly community. Nevertheless, when you grow up in such environment, you get accustomed to this life and never notice that.

 New Jersey

            In contrast, life in the suburbs is totally different.  Based on my experience, I can describe it as a small place of paradise, where you can relax.  I enjoy living in Fair Lawn.  Of course, at first, I missed my life in Sochi.  For me it was unusual to see so many trees, grass, and even squirrels jumping across the roads.  And most of all, I was shocked by the silence: you can sleep with open windows on summer nights without worrying about outside noise.  Here you will not see big crowds of people or people walking and driving after midnight.  People who live in my town are very friendly and will always help you if you ask them.   I know all my neighbors and sometimes we organize barbeques together. I love this feeling of being a part of a small friendly community.  With all that, life in the suburbs does not limit you to a choice of places where you can go.  Here are so many good restaurants, movie theatres, shopping malls, and more.  Another important aspect of living here is security, because everybody knows one other.

In conclusion, now if I had to choose where to live, I would never choose a big city. Comparing my life in Sochi and here in New Jersey, I have come to the conclusion that the quiet and safe life here attracts me more than the lights of a big city.  Since New York is very close, I can always go there for entertainment and spend the whole day there.  However, when I come back to my town, only then I feel at home.

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