Traveling the World September 24, 2015

Milton from Colombia writes in an informal style about his dream of traveling:

I don’t have a [particular] place where I would like to live.  Even if I had the possibility to live in one place, I would prefer to travel around the world.

Jamaica, Italy, France, Spain, Canada, Egypt, Hawaii, Peru…These are some of the countries I want to visit, and why not?  If I had the possibility of living in those countries, I would [seize] the opportunity.

I mean that the country or the place isn’t very important to me…only a beautiful place and a nice partner.  You know, you select the moment and you will do fine.  That is the finality of life.


This post continues the extensive list of phrasal verbs that you can use when you speak and write English.  There are a lot of others that you can find in our previous blog posts.  We invite you to take our ESL classes at New York English Academy to learn these and many more:

“When will your flight take off?”  [Depart; leave]

“The new Broadway show really took off!”  [Became popular or successful]

“Please take off your coat and stay awhile.”  [Remove]

“I’m hungry and we have only a short break.  Let’s get something to take out.”  [Eat away from the restaurant; for example, fast food]

“The children took their parents out for their wedding anniversary.” [Paid for their dinner, entertainment, etc.]

“He tore into his friend when he discovered that he was cheating.” [Became very angry with]

“After they sang “Happy Birthday’, they tore into the cake.”  [Started to eat greedily]

“Please tear up that document when you have finished reading it.” [Destroy by ripping]

“The city is going to tear down that old building next year.” [Remove; demolish]

“Many people think back on their childhood when look at old photos or get married.”  [Remember]

“You should think it over carefully before you make a decision to buy a car in New York City.” [Consider]

“Don’t throw away your glass bottles; you can recycle them.” [Place in the trash]

“Her life turned around when she came to New York and learned to speak English fluently at New York English Academy.” [Improved greatly]

Turn around and look at the beautiful sunset!” [Look in the opposite direction]

“How did your party turn out?  Did a lot of people attend?” [Result]

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