We invite you to take our ESL classes at NYEA to learn these phrasal verbs and a lot more:

“The New York Rangers hockey team is in the championship series; I hope they don’t let us down by losing the next game.”  [Disappoint]

“In New York City, there are many opportunities to let your hair down on weekends.”  [Let your hair down: to relax after having done some difficult work or task.]

“Please open the door and let me in.”  [Permit to enter]

“When will the rain ever let up?”  [Lessen or stop]

“You have to let your dog out when it needs exercise.” [Allow to go outside]

“She always looks after her elderly parents when they are not feeling well.” [Takes care of]

 City park

“On the day that we arrived in New York, we went to Central Park to look around.” [Explore informally]

“Please don’t look down on me because I am short.” [Think that someone is inferior]

“I have been looking all over in my bedroom, but I still can’t find my glasses.” [Searching extensively]

“For a long time we have been looking forward to the World Cup, and now it is finally in progress.” [Anticipating]

“They are going to look into the monthly rent for that Brooklyn apartment.” [Get more information about]

“You have to look out for the traffic when you cross the busy street.” [Be aware of]


One of the topics for English writing practice at NYEA is “If you wanted an offbeat job, what would you do?  Why?”  Students have come up with a number of interesting examples.  Here’s one:

If I wanted an offbeat job, I would like to be a skydiving instructor.

The first time I skydived was in Hawaii.  There was no rain and no wind; conditions were perfect.  Before I skydived, I was scared.  The distance of 10,000 feet [more than 3000 meters]was too high for me.  My instructor tried to talk with me, but I couldn’t respond.

However, I could do it!  And I could see beautiful views of the ocean, clouds, mountains…  Everything I could see was amazing!

At this time, I didn’t think I was falling through the air.  Then we arrived at the point of landing and [the sky diving instructor and I] made a friendship which overcame difficulties together.  This was the most impressive experience of my life.  So I hope that everybody will try the wonderful [activity] of skydiving.

NYEA students create an essay every week.  Their teachers make corrections to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and suggest improvements to writing style.  This is often a class activity, where everyone has copies of each completed composition.  All the students, guided by the teacher,  can then add their comments and suggestions.  The teacher makes the final – but not too technical – edit before publishing to NYEA’s blog page.

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