Kitty Needs Employment September 17, 2015

Ernest from France has written a very imaginative story about his cat named Madchat .  (His ESL teacher has checked spelling, grammar, and punctuation, offering corrections with light editing):

Madchat remembers when one morning he woke up with a severe headache, but he went to work as usual.  However, this day all went wrong for him.  He, who was considered the best manager in his factory, felt that something was coming.  He, who was appreciated by his boss, felt something the sense of which he did not understand.  He was feeling down, and when he looked around him, nothing gave his happiness or even pleasure.  “What is happening to me and why do I look at my life and my job without joy?  Why?” he asked himself.

The next day and in the following days, his negative feeling continued.  Then, Madchat went for advice to his doctor, who said to him that he was stressed.

Madchat remembered the night that followed his meeting with the doctor.  He heard a sweet, friendly woman’s voice saying to him, “How does he think about our life?  How could he fix his life?”  The next morning he woke up and something had changed.  His nerves had calmed down.  He thought again about that woman’s voice all day.

A few weeks later, Madchat decided to quit his job.  Instead, he opened a small bookshop.


            Today his work gives him a lot of satisfaction because his shop is known by many people [and he runs a successful business].  Madchat is happy to share his cheerfulness!

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