Many students come to PC TECH/New York English Academy to improve their careers with an enhanced knowledge of English.

Ona is originally from Lithuania but has become a citizen of the United States.  She writes about her career in medicine:

I have twenty years of experience working as a histology laboratory technician.  But I love working more as a private nurse because of the wide variety of patients whom I get to care for.

I have the opportunity to care for all types of patients, from newborns to the elderly.  I get the opportunity work with a lot of different cases, with a variety of illnesses and diseases.  I feel like I can make a difference in people’s lives when they might feel helpless.


            I love what I do!  Helping others is a very self-fulfilling and satisfying feeling.

Carolina from Colombia tells us about her career:

I am a corporate lawyer in an international investment banking company with a branch in New York City.  The branch in Colombia arranged a transfer of my position to this city.

I study English in the morning and I work in the afternoon.  My desk is at Lexington Avenue and 53rd Street, on the 57th floor.  The view of New York is wonderful!

My current job is very good because my company does business in different places of the world: São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and seven other cities in Brazil; Medellin and Bogotá in Colombia; Hong Kong; London; Lima; Santiago de Chile; Switzerland; and the state of Delaware in the United States.


            The employers can make transfers between different cities and countries of the world.  Their employees can learn business culture worldwide: asset and wealth management, private equity, investment banking, merchant banking, fixed income, currencies, commodities, etc.

I’m so happy in my job!

PC TECH English teachers are happy to help you improve your formal and informal writing and conversation skills.  In each level you will be given a weekly writing assignment so that your instructor can evaluate your progress.

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