Students at New York English Academy often tell us in classroom discussion how their English skills can help them with their employment.  Writing about her dream job, Gabriela envisions a position in the advertising business:

When I was a girl, I used to watch ads on TV, [as well as] American movies and TV shows in which some of the characters worked creating ads.  I thought I would like that [kind of a] job because it looked like fun.  At that time, I started to dream of working as an account executive in an advertising agency in New York City.


Following my dream, I went to college to study Advertising and Marketing Communications.  Meanwhile, I got an internship is an advertising agency and part of my dream started to become true.  After graduating from college, I continued to work in the agency.  I started as the “low man on the totem pole”, but I worked hard.  Little by little, I got better positions until I got a position as an executive account senior.

At that time, part of my dream had become true.  However, in order to achieve my whole dream, I should get a job in New York, but it would not be easy.  After a few years to think about it, I decided to come to the United States, first to learn English, then to apply for a post-graduate position in Business Administration.  [Later] there will be many other obstacles to overcome, but I will take care of one thing at a time.

I know that to achieve my goals and get my dream job will not be easy.  However, I like to believe that every day it is closer to becoming true.  Right now it does not matter if I get it or not because I will always be proud of myself for doing everything I could to achieve my dream.

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