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Federica, a student from Messina, Italy, has written about her thoughts of becoming a trapeze artist in a circus, such a very different career from that of architect, her current occupation!  Here is her writing, lightly edited by her teacher.

If I have to choose an offbeat job, I’d like to be a trapeze artist.  [Federica uses the term “trapezist.” —editor]   I know, it is a strange job for many people, but I think it is very fascinating.  When I was fifteen years old, I did it for a few months, but only as a joke with my friends.  While I was clinging to the trapeze, I was very happy because I was feeling good and free.  My “career” ended because I am too heavy and I don’t have enough skills for it.  It is hard work because it is like a sport: you have to dedicate a lot of hours every day to improve yourself.  It is dangerous because it is practiced ten meters above the ground.  I think it is a very creative job; to do it, you are an artist!  The salary is not high is not high, but there isn’t a price [to be put on] the feeling you get when you fly from trapeze to trapeze.  It’s amazing!


By the way, it is only a fantasy of my mind because I’m an architect.  At this moment, I’m out of work.  Sometimes, when I have a bad day and I don’t have a [reply] from companies, I like to close my eyes and think about myself on the trapeze!

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