Memorial Day May 22, 2015

The people of the United States observe Memorial Day on Monday, May 25 this year.  For many people, it may seem like a good opportunity to take advantage of department store discounts, but the significance of this holiday is in the remembrance of all military service members who have given their lives in defense of the country since its birth in 1776.  Among various commemorative events taking place in New York City, one of the most popular is Fleet Week.  The public is invited to tour several Navy ships docked at Hudson River piers.  Sailors in white uniforms come ashore to visit the Big Apple, some for the first time.  People offer their thanks to these service members when they encounter them on the street.

Memorial Day

Students at New York English Academy practice writing in a number of styles, such as business, essay, formal, informal…

Since we are in a city famous for its Broadway, script and role-play dialogues are also appropriate, especially as acted out in the classroom in an amusing manner.

Here is an imaginary conversation between Luana (the Employer) from Brazil and Laure (the Boss in a medical facility) from France:

Luana:  Good morning, Ms. Laure, how are you?

Laure:  Good morning, Luana.  I’m fine…and you?

Luana:  I need to speak with you about my job.  You have time now?

Laure:  Yes, of course.  Come into my office.

Luana:  I think I work very well.  I have been working here for a long time.  I have saved many lives and I have a PhD.  Now I need a promotion.

Laure:  Yes, you are a good nurse and you have a lot of experience, but you already have many  advantages, like a good schedule, a good team, and the security of a health plan.  We don’t have enough money for you…so sorry.

Luana:  I need more money!  If you don’t give me this opportunity, I’ll have to get out of this hospital.

Laure:  Oh, OK…I’ll try to speak with my partners about a possible promotion for you.

Luana:  OK, I’ll wait for your answer.  Now I will return to save more lives.  See you!

Laure:  Good job!

 New York English Academy

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