How can I change my class level?

I. A student who has been assigned a level and is in his/her first week of class, should he/she feel that the level is either too easy or too difficult may, with the permission of the both teachers and the Academic Manager, move up or down one single level. However, the student then must stay in the level to which he/she moved until after the next exam.

II. A student who wishes to change levels after the first week of classes must first:

  • A. achieve a monthly grade of B+ or better and
  • B. get the approval of his/her instructor
    • 1. Instructor should consider, among other things:
      • a) Students’ class preparation;
      • b) Participation in the class;
      • c) Attentiveness during class.

III. In every case of level change that occurs after the first week of classes, an instructor must fill out the online class change form citing the previous monthly grade and the academic justification for the move.

IV. Students who received a FAILING grade in the most recent evaluation period can be eligible to be placed in a lower level.