What is the attendance policy for students?


A student must attend 85% of the scheduled class hours on a cumulative basis during each evaluation period. A student who is absent for more than 15% of the total course time will be dismissed.


Attendance is tracked in every class period by the instructor. If you miss more than 15 minutes of any class period or leave before the instructor dismisses class you will be marked absent for the whole hour.
Any student arriving up to fifteen minutes after class has begun shall be marked Late. Three late marks are equivalent to one absence.

EXCESSIVE ABSENCES (Attendance Warning Notice)

  • If a student’s attendance rate falls to 90% or less, s/he will receive by email a warning from the school.
  • If a student’s attendance rate is below 85% at the end of a marking period, s/he will receive a probation notice via email and be required to have a meeting with the Director or Academic Manager.
    * Student on probation may not transfer until their attendance rate has been made up at the end of probationary period.