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On Friday, February 17th, NYEA students and staff attended the Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival at Sara Roosevelt Park in Chinatown. Over 600,000 firecrackers were lit to celebrate the start of Lunar New Year and the “year of the dog.” In addition, lion dances were performed throughout Chinatown. After the festivities, students enjoyed steamed wontons, shrimp noodles, Taiwanese-marinated duck, crispy pork, and more at the Taiwan Pork Chop House on Doyers Street.

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This past Friday, we headed out to Melody Lanes Bowling Alley in Sunset Park, Brooklyn for a fun field trip. Sunset Park is well known for its tacos so upon arriving, the four of us stopped by the El Bronco taco truck to eat before heading into Melody Lanes, less than half a block away. Once inside, we got a good deal and enjoyed a few games of fun bowling. After tiring ourselves out, we headed into the arcade room and the students enjoyed playing the arcade games for some time. Later on, we couldn’t resist heading back to the taco truck to get some more tacos before departing to start our weekends.

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On Friday, January 12th, 2018, the students went on a student choice field trip to The National Jazz Museum in Harlem….

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Holiday Party 2017 January 3, 2018

One of our favorite traditions is NYEA’s annual holiday party and 2017’s was definitely a festive one! We exchanged gifts with the “White Elephant Game”, ate Christmas cookies and of course, enjoyed some pizza! Happy 2018, everyone!

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Teacher Spotlight (Phillip) December 4, 2017

Teacher Spotlight:  Phillip Thompson (USA)

Phillip teaches the Level 4 class at NYEA. He started teaching ESL in 2012 in the lofty and somewhat foggy streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown, and then taught for three years in the rainy Basque Country. Aside from being an ESL teacher, Phillip studies poetry at Brooklyn College where he also teaches an English composition course to college freshmen. He is currently engaged in a writing project that explores the literal translation of idiomatic expressions across languages and how the results are often indistinguishable from poetic effect. One of his favorite examples is from the Spanish: “to illuminate clothes hanger,” an expression used when someone “dresses to the nines” in order to show off.  

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New: Refugee Scholarship! November 21, 2017

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NYEA Halloween Party 2017! November 3, 2017

NYEA’s annual Halloween party was a great success! Staff and students alike got into the spirit of the holiday with costumes, games and naturally, lots of candy!

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My name is Liliana Sanchez and I’m from Colombia.  I moved to New York City four months ago with my husband.  I’m a Registered Nurse and I have been working as a Clinical Research Associate for over 9 years.  

I started at New York English Academy 12 weeks ago to improve my English skills and I’ve been able to meet new people and make new friends from different cities around the world. I’ve also discovered new places, learned about many cultures and grown as a person. In New York, you can practice English while you are having fun because this city has many things to do every single day.

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My name is Ana and I am from Rio, Brazil.  I am a journalist and VR (Virtual Reality) filmmaker.  I am attending the TOEFL training program because I am applying to a master’s degree program in the U.S.  I’ve been studying at New York English Academy (NYEA) for six weeks and I can tell how much my English has improved.   The class is focused on preparing students for the TOEFL test and also to develop writing and speaking skills.  The course will help me a lot in my career – to help write professional emails, prepare essays for my school application, and to talk to people that I meet in the city.  NYEA is always promoting social activities for the students and it is also in a very good location!



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