American TESOL Program

Next Starting date: January 15th 2018

Introducing New York English Academy’s TESOL Program for American English

The New York English Academy TESOL program is inspired by the most renowned TESOL programs in the world, such as the Cambridge University CELTA and the Trinity College TESOL certificate. What will make NYEA’s TESOL program unique is that it is focused on American English -- a recognition of the distinct cultural and linguistic character of a language built over centuries by an international community of immigrants. NYEA’s TESOL program will show teachers how to teach The American Language.

Each teacher will concentrate on 8 areas:

  • Becoming an effective teacher of American English
  • Understanding the rules and conventions of The American Language
  • Teaching the four basic skills of American English: reading, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Understanding the difference between American and non-American English
  • Lesson planning for The American Language
  • Observing master teachers of American English
  • Observation and evaluation by master teachers of American English
  • Student needs analysis and customizing programs for American language learners

7 Points of American TESOL

Point1) Why American TESOL ?

You may know that the most prominent internationally-recognized programs in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) are British programs: Cambridge University CELTA and the Trinity College Certification. But with America as the world’s leading business, economic and cultural center, there is growing recognition of the importance of the American English language. Demand for this language of international commerce and popular culture is growing stronger all the time.

Point2) What kind of methodology will we learn from American TESOL ?

There are a wide variety of approaches to TESOL methodology. American TESOL will give teachers an overview of all of the most relevant approaches with special emphasis on the contemporary Communicative Language Teaching Method and Content-Based approach.
Through a content-based approach, students learn by doing--utilizing the language in realistic settings.

Point3) Learn about classroom activities and methodologies to enhance communication skills.

  • Role-Play: Language students act out real life situations
  • Pair and Group Work; Pair and groups doing small projects together
  • Discussion and Opinion Sharing: Help English students express themselves in English
  • Impromptu Speaking and Free Writing: Build English students’ speed and fluency

Point4) Learn from teacher colleagues and mentors.

After studying teaching methodology, TESOL student move to classroom observation and production of details analysis of teacher practices. As teachers watch the methodology put into practice, they begin to envision how they might deliver lessons in the classroom.

Point5) Learn how to run a class with the American TESOL method:

  • Create syllabi with goals, learning objectives, and performance outcomes
  • Prepare detailed lesson plans with daily objectives, activities, outcomes and assessment
  • Designed custom supplementary materials and activities
  • Professional teacher mentors to act as guides

Point6) Finally, deliver lessons to a real-world ESL class of volunteer students!

  • Teachers mentors provide valuable feedback and observations

Point7) Assignment as Benchmarks of Learning

  • Written assignment analyzing one unique aspect of American English.
  • Analysis of one of the four sub parts of language learning skills with particular attention to the split between comprehension and production.
  • Paper describing the Communicative Language Teaching methodology in the context of other past and contemporary methodologies discussed in lectures.
  • Graded ESL lesson plans.
  • Short, observed demo teaching practice.
  • Report on ESL methodologies observed in an NYEA ESL class.
  • Student Subject Report: profile a student and devise an academic plan.

American TESOL Learning Objectives

American TESOL 1

1 To understand the origins and evolution of the American English Language.
2 To understand the current variations between American British English and other “World English”.
3 To become familiar with the Production and Comprehension Language skills in the context of American English Language acquisition.
4 To become acquainted with basic ESL teaching strategies and how those strategies are utilized in the context of American English Language acquisition.
5 To acquire the ability to produce high quality lesson plans for an ESL class.
6 To be able to observe and evaluate ESL teaching methodology in a live teaching environment.
7 To be able to independently execute an ESL lesson plan in a real-life ESL classroom setting.

American TESOL 2

8 American TESOL students will be able to plan and teach a full-length ESL class of volunteer ESL students.
9 Students will gain the ability to implement and refine curriculum and class syllabi.
10 American TESOL students will produce a detailed profile and academic plan for a current NYEA ESL student subject.
11 American TESOL student will gain the ability to evaluate the needs of a real-world ESL class at and adapt to the needs of the students.

American TESOL 3

12 To become a competent and independent ESL teacher capable of refining course content according to ESL students’ particular needs.
13 To become a competent and independent ESL teacher capable of independently building a syllabus.
14 To develop a personal teaching philosophy based on research and empirical evidence.
15 To develop the ability to competently observe and evaluate beginning American TESOL 3 students.
16 To be able to independently produce a week’s worth of ESL lesson plans for a real-life ESL class.
17 To be able to independently execute a 2 week-long ESL course and deliver 2 week’s worth of ESL lesson plans.

Class schedule

Morning class : Monday to Thursday 10:00-1:30
Friday 10:00-12:00

Tuition Fee

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  • Other Cash/ Bank Wire Transfer

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