Grand Central Terminal, Historic Landmark

750,000 people walk through every day Grand Central Terminal is also the main terminal for the Metro-North Railroad, which travels to upstate New York, including Westchester County, and to Connecticut. There are lots of different ways to get around in New York City. One of the easiest ways to get anywhere in the city is through use of the subway. The subway travels the entire length and width of New York City, with stops at every main section. If you plan on using the subway, you will encounter Grand Central Terminal.

Look Up, But Don’t Stumble

There is beauty all around at Grand Central Terminal, including straight up! When you head to Grand Central Terminal, make sure you look up in the Main Concourse. You might want to be standing still when you do, as the constellations on the ceiling can get you dizzy, and it wouldn’t be good to bump into a hurried passenger! The ceiling has been painted to look like the night sky, and many famous constellations are there, including Orion, the hunter, and Pegasus, the winged horse.

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Is There A Garden In There?

Grand Central Market is located on the main concourse level. Grand central market has a number of active shops, including Penzey’s Spices, where you can buy any spice for much less than it costs you in a grocery store. Greenwich Produce is at the end of Grand Central Market, and is filled with some of the freshest produce in New York City. Imagine, fresh produce in a train station! It would only happen in New York.

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Electricity Is Romantic?

Some of the stars in the ceiling are lit with electricity, so that they can be seen easily, day or night. Looking at the domed ceiling during the daytime is amazing, but the entire view changes as dusk falls. The lit stars make for a very romantic setting, and in a city where the buildings block the view of the sky sometimes, New Yorkers have to take advantage of the sky, whether real or painted, wherever they can get it!

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A True New York Meal…Quick and Easy

For a quick meal, you can grab some bread at Zaro’s Bread Basket, some cheese at Murray’s Cheese, a cup of coffee at Oren’s Daily Roast, and some chocolate for dessert at Li-Lac Chocolates. Unlike the center of New York, where you have to travel blocks to find specialty stores, Grand Central Market has them all located, very conveniently, steps away from each other!

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The Main Concourse

Directly inside the building is the area known as the Main Concourse. This is a huge area that is generally filled with crowds. There is an information booth right in the middle of the Main Concourse as well as a clock that has a face in every direction, which is very well-known. The face of the clocks are made from the semi-precious stone, Opal, and the clock itself has been valued to be worth between $10 and $20 million dollars.

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What’s An Oyster Bar?

One level down from the Main Concourse is the Dining Concourse. This area is where all of the fast food outlets, and restaurants, are housed. The world famous Oyster Bar is probably the most well known restaurant in the Dining Concourse. It was begun in 1913 and has since become known as the best place to get seafood in New York. Back then, many of the high-society New Yorkers were the only ones to frequent the restaurant, but now anyone who makes a reservation and wants to buy good food can have a meal there.

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Being An Engineer, The Easy Way

The New York Transit Museum is located inside of Grand Central Terminal as well. This museum is focused on showing visitors exactly how trains got started. There are workshops and a resource center. The museum has the honor of being the largest museum in the entire United States to be devoted to the history of public transportation! It makes sense, in a way, that if you are going to be riding on the train, you may as well understand how it works!

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Dunking The Beef

Michael Jordan, the dunking master, decided one day that he wanted to have his own restaurant. Instead of creating a beautiful, gourmet restaurant somewhere in Los Angeles, he decided to open Michael Jordan’s Steak House in New York City. And, realizing that sometimes train riders get extremely hungry, decided to locate it in Grand Central Terminal. The steak house has a delicious menu to choose from, whether you’re a carnivore or vegetarian, and an extensive list of wines to choose from.